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08.OCT.2016 UPDATE
Been a while since I have updated things on my website. Its been a busy, hectic and fun year so far. I have recently returned to Hawaii from a three week trip to Peru which was absolutely amazing. I have posted some photos already to my Flickr and Facebook pages and will be posting more soon. 

21.DEC.2015 Update

New photos posted to my Flickr account from my quick trip to Tokyo last week. I had never been there before and a bit on a whim decided to go. I am almost through editing all of the photos that I took during the trip and will be adding more to this page and my Flickr and Facebook page. I wish all of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. 

11.DEC.2015 Update

So nice to be home in Hawaii. Was up on the North Shore the other day getting some photos of the big waves and surfers. New photos have been uploaded to the website and even more photos can be found on my Flickr and my Facebook page. Getting more interest in my photos from people and I am now actively trying to sell pieces, with a few prints sold recently. Thank you all for the support as I see how far I can take this little hobby. 

Back at work and back in Africa. Brought my big camera this time so hopefully I will get some free time to get some photos. New photos from March at home have been posted on Flickr and be sure to check out all my other photos on Flickr and my Facebook page. 

29.DEC.2014 UPDATE

2014 is almost over. Looking forward to what 2015 has to offer. I have been very busy with work (my real job!) and haven't had a lot of time to spend on my photography, hopefully 2015 will provide me with some more time. Be sure to check me out on Flickr and all the best to you and your families in the new year!

Putting together website and seeing how far this photography will take me! Be sure to check me out on Flickr